venerdì 22 luglio 2011

NO=FI / Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label Split Cassette

NO=FI / Wilhelm Split Compilation (C-39)

This tape is made by the austrian cassette-label Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label.

sweety cooperation between 'em and the poor but lovely NO=FI jet set

it's a compilation. We got the side A and they have the side B.
featuring Hiroshima Rocks Around and Movie Star Junkies, In Zaire (G.I. Joe & Claudio Rochetti), a Liars cover by Lady Lynch, a never before released Upperclass Shoplifters track and many more...

Released in June 2009

artwork by Ma_Riot

contact us... or em... or directly the bands.

Side A (NO=FI):

1. Movie Star Junkies - John the Revelator
2. Hello Sunshine - Taxes for Texas
3. Hioshima Rocks Around - Der Kanaro
4. Maximillian I - Capolavoru
5. In Zaire - Live @ Fluc
Side B (Wilhelm):
1. Lady Lynch - Nothing is ever lost or can be lost my science friend
2. Goldsoundz - People won’t change
3. Black Fox Dance - Imaginary Landscape No. 3
4. Upperclass Shoplifters - Schnell
5. PBOYUL - Television Series
6. Danny de Vino - Tone Bankth>

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