venerdì 22 luglio 2011


Hiroshima Rocks Around / Bipolar Bear

split LP

a brilliant split between Italy’s NO=FI Recordings and california's K
ill Shaman featuring Hiroshima Rocks Around and Bipolar Bear.
Limited to 500 copies

A split release between Kill Shaman and NO=FI Recordings joins these two wildly creative bands. Italy’s Hiroshima Rocks Around bang out half-a-dozen skronk punk tracks, blaring elements of post-punk, garage, and avant noise mish-mash through a distorted wall of brilliantly piercing guitars, saxophone, and brutal drums. If you heard their 7″ on S-S a couple of years ago, this will feed your need. Los Angeles’ Bipolar Bear give us 5 tracks of post-punk, angular apocalyptic punk that they refer to as “grunge-gaze” for fun. Both bands eat glass and will destroy your record player. Highly recommended.

artwork by Genstein Against

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