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Split LP
NO027 / SOC14

Edition of 500
Black Vinyl
release date: 22nd / April / 2013

NO=FI Recordings / Sound Of Cobra

Ensemble Economique / Heroin In Tahiti – Split 
It’s a well-known story: the bluesmen sold their souls at dusty crossroads back in the old days. Far less is known about a younger generation’s deal with the devil, their affinity towards dark forces and black magic. Their hypnagogic highway to hell and success goes en route Tahiti where souls no longer can be sold because they’re already lost in secret Voodoo rites. The music that springs from having experienced these horror trips is as seductive as Lisa Bonet drinking a little red rooster’s blood! Be warned: This is a one-way ticket, no refunds, no exorcism included.

Ensemble Economique strikes back with a great album, sounds and attitude head back to his earlyer recordings and the amazing "Psychical" (Not Not Fun, 2010): immediate, primal, raw... ace!

Second album out for the Heroin In Tahiti, after their first "Death Surf" LP (Boring Machines, 2012), which was considered a kind of manifesto of the "spaghetti wasteland" attitude, as told in a conversation between Simon Reynolds and Valerio Mattioli, and listed in the 50 best albums of 2012 by FACT Magazine. A great mix of synths, surf, drone, Morricone and some typical 'Italian vibe'.


Ensemble Economique - No Highway

1 - I Light my Cigarette, i see YOU there
2 - NO Highway
3 - Désir, DESIRE

All songs by Brian Pyle
Artwork by Claudia Nova
Design by Francesco de Figueiredo

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Heroin In Tahiti Black Vacation

1 -. Departing
2 - Welcome to Paradise Island
3 - At the Edge of the Jungle
4 - Whispers from the Quicksand
5 - Blood before Dawn

All songs by Heroin In Tahiti
Artwork by Francesco de Figueiredo

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