lunedì 14 gennaio 2013

GIANNI GIUBLENA ROSACROCE - La Mia Africa (cassette) out on NO=FI

La Mia Africa
out on Jan. the 26th

C26 - Green Cassette
Silkscreened cover by ARRACHE TOI UN OEIL
limited to 100 copies

Stefano Isaia's GIANNI GIUBLENA ROSACROCE is back with new recordings: the great first cassette, "La Piramide Di Sangue" released by Yerevan Tapes one year ago, laid the foundation of the kraut-psych rock ensemble LA PIRAMIDE DI SANGUE (with the "Tebe" LP out on Boring Machines / Sound Of Cobra). 

Now he's back with his solo project, few nice mates helping (Dedalo666, Vernon, Jena) and two Tuareg girls reading Isaia's poetries in fulfulde (fula language).
The setting of La Mia Africa is a psych mid-eastern landscape, desert at sunset, ancient temples and a far far shore...

GGR keeps us in these atmospheres with a mysterious clarinet, tenebrous acoustic guitars, dreamy voices talking in a language that sounds far but fascinating and simple rare percussions give us the beat for a walk on the sand dunes. Following this charming music, we'll find the oasis in this desert...

Artwork and silkscreened cover by our french friends ARRACHE TOI UN OEIL

Gianni Giublena Rosacroce : clarinet / marimba / drums and percussions 
Aissa Daouda : fulfulde (fula language) readings
Elle' Abigaelle : fulfulde (fula language) and french readings
Dedalo 666 : acoustic guitar 
Vernon Senegal : acoustic guitar on "dogon" "yurugu" "sangue nero" and "la memoria della terra"
Jenaa el-fna : acoustic guitar on "dogon" and "yurugu"

listen one track HERE
and another one HERE

cassette costs euro each + shipping
wholesale price (min 3 copies): 4euros each
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