mercoledì 8 giugno 2016

HOLIDAY INN - White Man (OneSidedLP)


NO044 - OneSideLP 

Edition of 300
Black Vinyl 

Artwork: GabrioLep
Cover Photo: Elisabetta Colaleo
Label Photo: Luna Vassarotti

Release date: 18th JUNE 2016

Listen HERE 
"Who'll Join My Tribe"

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HOLIDAY INN is a brand new Duo from the so called ROMA EST, the infamous Borgata of the Eternal City. Their sound is a punch in your face and might be also described as acid minimal synth punk! Combo made up by the collaboration between Gabor (Aktion / Metro Crowd) on voice and Bob Junior (Trans Upper Egypt / Bobsleigh Baby / Hiss) on synth and drum machine. HOLIDAY INN bears the shapes and scares that unauthorized buildings have imposed to the Roman suburbs, which once were promised a gleaming growth. It’s nostalgic and nasty, and will not have a bright future. 
This onesidedLP contains 4 killer tracks for 20mins of pure rough pleasure. 
Recorded at Fanfulla in Rome by Leo Non (WOW! / Trans Upper Egypt) and mastered by V.Fisik at Hombrelobo studio (Roma).

A1 Who'll Join My Tribe
A2 White Man (Don't Trust)
A3 Mushroom
A4 Edward

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NO043 - LP 

Edition of 200
Black Vinyl 

Artwork: MP5

Release date: 18th JUNE 2016

Listen HERE 
feat. David Lemoine (Cheveu)


TvsG is a duo:

as the name says, we can picture one of 'em as the Trouble and the other as the Glue, in a never ending fight made of synths, guitar, drums and wicked voices.

After their debut album on the german label Urquinaona ("Zum Teufel" LP) and a song on the (in)famous Borgata Boredom - Music And Noises From Roma Est - LP, they released their second album "Die Trauerweide" (eng. weeping willow) in June 2013 on NO=FI Recordings.

After a 2 years hiatus, filled with tours here and there, they finally strike back with a new LP called "This Age" , released again on the Roma Est fav Label!
8 killer tracks on black vinyl, recorded between 2014 and 2015 by V.Fisik at Hombrelobo Studio (Roma), featuring Davide Lemoine from Cheveu (voice on "Despite) and Cascao from Cascao and Lady Maru (synth and voice on "Combination"), packed with an amazing artwork made by the italian artist MP5. It comes in a limited edition of 200 copies.

They might be two but they sound like a six pieces band! Groove drumming and percussions, killer synths and guitars, female/male schizo voices combined with a dadaist pop attitude into a mix of no-wave, weird punk and hypnotic synth atmospheres.

At times TvsG sound like the Residents with a punk drummer, in others like a weird japanese electronic pop band from the '80s, while some other tracks bring us back to the no-wave of Lizzy Mercier Descloux and DNA.

But these are only some analogies, because they've absolutely got their own personal and original sound.
Check them out and enjoy!


A1 Moon Shaped
A2 Backwards
A3 Despite (feat. David Lemoine)
A4 Hand in Hell
B1 Combination (feat. Cascao)
B2 Secret Place
B3 I Just Care Of
B4 Compromise

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