giovedì 19 dicembre 2013

RAINBOW ISLAND - Road To Mirapuri (Cassette) - out on NO=FI Recordings

Road To Mirapuri

Cassette - NO031

C20 - Black Cassette
Cover printed on Risograph at NERO Headquarter
(blue / orange fluo)
Artwork by Giuditta Matteucci

Release date: Dec. 20th 2013
Edition of 100 

listen HERE an extract

RAINBOW ISLAND - Road To Mirapuri 
Cassette Tape

SIDE A - Rainbow Road
SIDE B - Mirapuri Lagoon

RAINBOW ISLAND are back with new recordings after their great debut album (RNBW - LP), out one year ago on Flying Kids Records.
This four piece band keeps on exploring dreamy and  solitary colourful islands which probably exist exclusively in their twisted minds.
Listening to this album we are driven through psychedelic roads made of oscillators and arpeggiators, heading towards this magic world called Mirapuri.
This land is erected with drones, synths and electronic percussions; an intangible voice rises to tell visitors Mirapuri's primitive stories and  ritual liturgies, and sometimes it just screams against shadows in the forest.
At the end of the Road, you start to glimpse the Lagoon, while walking on a bridge assembled with psych loops. This is  the place where the Rainbow ends and maybe... who knows... we'll find also the pot of gold! And if not... damn, it has been a wild-eyed wander at any rate !
RAINBOW ISLAND sounds like some Black Dice were fighting against italian 70s synth-progressive or could sound like kinda of bongo-loid Fuck Buttons were playing in a jungle.
And it's all in a really nice cassette with a cover printed on Risograph, limited to 100 copies. what's more?

cassette costs 6 euro each + shipping
wholesale prices for distros and shops: 4euros
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NO=FI Recordings

martedì 4 giugno 2013

TROUBLE VS GLUE - Die Trauerweide - LP - out on NO=FI Recordings

we are glad to announce our next release

Die Trauerweide

LP - NO030

edition of 300 - black vinyl
artwork and design by Onze

release date: 15th - june - 2013

NO=FI Recordings

streaming preview of the album on SENTIRE ASCOLTARE
click HERE


TROUBLE VS GLUE - Die Trauerweide - LP

TvsG is a duo: as the name says, we can picture one of 'em as the Trouble and the other as the Glue, in a never ending fight made of synths, guitar, drums and wicked voices. After their debut album on the german label Urquinaona ("Zum Teufel") and a song on the (in)famous Borgata Boredom - Music And Noises From Roma Est - LP, they strike back with some great new stuff: 10 killer songs for "Die Trauerweide" LP (eng. weeping willow). They might be two but they sound like a six pieces band! Groove drumming and percussions, killer synths and guitars, female/male schizo voices combined with a dadaist pop attitude into a mix of no-wave, weird punk and hypnotic synth atmospheres.

At times TvsG sound like the Residents with a punk drummer, in others like a weird japanese electronic pop band from the '80s, while some other tracks bring us back to the no-wave of Lizzy Mercier Descloux and DNA. These are only some analogies, because they've got totally a personal and original sound.
Intense, dancey, wacky, sweaty, catchy: Die Trauerweide is a great album. 35mins of pleasure for Body and Mind!

And just a suggestion: they are often on tour (more then 300 shows all over Europe, USA and Canada in the last 6 years), if you got the chance, go and see their live show: it will blow your mind!

A1 - Intro
A2 - All The Things That I Want
A3 - My Holy Sake
A4 - Rudders in the Air
A5 - In a strangers' Town

B1 - Metal Lead
B2 - Directions
B3 - Spacegrave
B4 - Loose
B5 - Jungle Hall

All songs by Trouble Vs Glue

venerdì 19 aprile 2013

WILDMEN - S/T (cassette) - out on NO=FI Recordings


out on April 24.

C30 - Black Cassette
cover printed on risograph - black / orange fluo
artwork by: Francesco de Figueiredo
edition of 100 copies
release date: 24th April 2013

It's been a while NO=FI recordings didn't have out a rock'n'roll release. So here were now, happy to be back with a GREAT rock'n'roll album. 
WILDMEN is a duo and we love 'em: young motherfuckers, funny guys, the live show is wild as the name says... and they got such an amazing album out! 
Some songs reminds me of Black Flag (keep an eye on the drummer!), other stuff is more kind of Ty Segall and Black Lips style: guitar riffs able to be stocked in your mind for ages! 11 killer tracks you can play again and again and again...
They toured Europe in 2012, with two singles out - 20.000$ and I Spit On Your Graves - and after this came a split with the fantastic Capputtini I Lignu
Now we are glad to put out the cassette version of their debut album (LP out on Shit Music For Shit People).
They will be back on the road all around Europe in May: check 'em out!

you can listen a couple of songs 


Haters gonna hate
Born after midnight
Zero generation
Goin’ away
Migrant love

Black holes
Death Mask

cassette costs euro each + shipping
wholesale prices for distros and shops: 4euros
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martedì 26 marzo 2013



Split LP
NO027 / SOC14

Edition of 500
Black Vinyl
release date: 22nd / April / 2013

NO=FI Recordings / Sound Of Cobra

Ensemble Economique / Heroin In Tahiti – Split 
It’s a well-known story: the bluesmen sold their souls at dusty crossroads back in the old days. Far less is known about a younger generation’s deal with the devil, their affinity towards dark forces and black magic. Their hypnagogic highway to hell and success goes en route Tahiti where souls no longer can be sold because they’re already lost in secret Voodoo rites. The music that springs from having experienced these horror trips is as seductive as Lisa Bonet drinking a little red rooster’s blood! Be warned: This is a one-way ticket, no refunds, no exorcism included.

Ensemble Economique strikes back with a great album, sounds and attitude head back to his earlyer recordings and the amazing "Psychical" (Not Not Fun, 2010): immediate, primal, raw... ace!

Second album out for the Heroin In Tahiti, after their first "Death Surf" LP (Boring Machines, 2012), which was considered a kind of manifesto of the "spaghetti wasteland" attitude, as told in a conversation between Simon Reynolds and Valerio Mattioli, and listed in the 50 best albums of 2012 by FACT Magazine. A great mix of synths, surf, drone, Morricone and some typical 'Italian vibe'.


Ensemble Economique - No Highway

1 - I Light my Cigarette, i see YOU there
2 - NO Highway
3 - Désir, DESIRE

All songs by Brian Pyle
Artwork by Claudia Nova
Design by Francesco de Figueiredo

give a listen HERE


Heroin In Tahiti Black Vacation

1 -. Departing
2 - Welcome to Paradise Island
3 - At the Edge of the Jungle
4 - Whispers from the Quicksand
5 - Blood before Dawn

All songs by Heroin In Tahiti
Artwork by Francesco de Figueiredo

give a listen HERE


Vinyl costs 13 euro + shipping
ORDER at nofirecordings [@]

lunedì 14 gennaio 2013

GIANNI GIUBLENA ROSACROCE - La Mia Africa (cassette) out on NO=FI

La Mia Africa
out on Jan. the 26th

C26 - Green Cassette
Silkscreened cover by ARRACHE TOI UN OEIL
limited to 100 copies

Stefano Isaia's GIANNI GIUBLENA ROSACROCE is back with new recordings: the great first cassette, "La Piramide Di Sangue" released by Yerevan Tapes one year ago, laid the foundation of the kraut-psych rock ensemble LA PIRAMIDE DI SANGUE (with the "Tebe" LP out on Boring Machines / Sound Of Cobra). 

Now he's back with his solo project, few nice mates helping (Dedalo666, Vernon, Jena) and two Tuareg girls reading Isaia's poetries in fulfulde (fula language).
The setting of La Mia Africa is a psych mid-eastern landscape, desert at sunset, ancient temples and a far far shore...

GGR keeps us in these atmospheres with a mysterious clarinet, tenebrous acoustic guitars, dreamy voices talking in a language that sounds far but fascinating and simple rare percussions give us the beat for a walk on the sand dunes. Following this charming music, we'll find the oasis in this desert...

Artwork and silkscreened cover by our french friends ARRACHE TOI UN OEIL

Gianni Giublena Rosacroce : clarinet / marimba / drums and percussions 
Aissa Daouda : fulfulde (fula language) readings
Elle' Abigaelle : fulfulde (fula language) and french readings
Dedalo 666 : acoustic guitar 
Vernon Senegal : acoustic guitar on "dogon" "yurugu" "sangue nero" and "la memoria della terra"
Jenaa el-fna : acoustic guitar on "dogon" and "yurugu"

listen one track HERE
and another one HERE

cassette costs euro each + shipping
wholesale price (min 3 copies): 4euros each
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