martedì 1 luglio 2014

HEROIN IN TAHITI - Canicola (Cassette)


C38 - Black Cassette
Cover printed on Risograph
Edition of 100 copies

Release date: 10th Jule 2014

listen HERE a track


Raw experiment in "neorealist psychedelia” by spaghetti-wasters Heroin In Tahiti from Rome, "Canicola" is dedicated to the sun, the obsessive superstitions and the golden yellow grain of Italy as portrayed by anthropologist Ernesto De Martino in legendary essays such as “South and Magic” and “The Land of Remorse”. 
Side A is a long, hallucinatory track which evokes the tyrannic heath and the mourning chants of a Mediterranean summer among ruins, olive trees and abandoned churches. Side B is composed by five short tracks which heavily rely on Italian folklore and include samples of Alan Lomax and Diego Carpitella's field recordings in Southern Italy during the 50s. 
A cassette-only release, "Canicola" makes you SWEAT. One of the most intriguing and freaked out things Heroin In Tahiti made so far: for fans of Sun City Girls, Italian Occult Psychedelia, Savage Republic... and Heroin In Tahiti, of course. 

Cassette costs 6 euro + postage
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