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FATHER MURPHY - Pain Is On Our Side Now (cassette)

Pain Is On Our Side Now 

Edition of 50 Copies
2 x Cassettes - C10
Metallic Gold Cassette + Metallic Purple Cassette
Silkscreened Cover on Vegetal Grey Cardboard
Insert on Recycled 80gr Paper
Printed by LEGNO

Release date: 22nd March 2014
The Tape will be presented at the TRANSMISSIONS VII Festival

Listen HERE to one song


This EP is a step forward in Father Murphy's downward spiral.
It demands You to follow Father Murphy in his failing. In his fall.

This little EP is about Failure.
Failing is the only way for Father Murphy to proceed on his Path.
Failing means to stumble, fall, and start again, but in a different way.
Loops box people in one place forever, nurtured and stucked, where they won't suffer but where they won't grow.
Failure instead of  Loops.
Father Murphy did not go for the Loop, he chose to Fail.
To fall, to suffer, to start over without being stuck.

This EP demands dedication.
The 4 movements are 4 movements but are also two pair of movements.
It is either #1,#2,#3 or #4
or it is #1 and #3 together or #2 and #4 together.
Each movement is a Father Murphy attempt to do things another way.
Each movement is similar but different.

This little EP contains two one-sided tapes.
Father Murphy demands You to play the two tapes simultaneously.
You choose. Never forget You have a choice.
It is only by listening to all the layers together that you will sonically and ideally reach how Failure sounds to Father Murphy.
Like a repetition, in different forms.
You won't be looking for a closure. You can only try to make things different.

-         Let the Wrong Rise with You
-         Bones Got Dry*

-         They Will All Fail You
-         Despite All the Grief

Recorded by King Davide Cristiani at Bombanella Soundscape, January – April 2013, except chorale in "They will all Fail You" recorded by Fabio La Rocca at Itri's Medieval Castle, December 2012.
Mixed and mastered by Greg Saunier.

All songs and lyrics by F. Zanatta, unless otherwise noted.
* Lyrics by V. Ngo & F. Zanatta.

Visions and visitations through Ol' Fisherman Ngo.

Father Murphy recites his words in “What about failure?” from cut up sentences by William S. Burroughs, Saint Anselm of Canterbury, J.G. Ballard and our dear Vinh Ngo.

Father Murphy (is): Rev. freddie Murphy, Chiara Lee.
Vicar Vittorio Demarin, after recording the EP, decided it was time to let the only Rev. freddie and C.Lee proceed on this journey. After baptizing them and following the same Path for many years, he understood it was time for them to go for the Cross, where the Cross is the intersection of two axis. He did let go knowing they were going to be again three only as Rev. (1), C.Lee (2) and Rev+C.Lee(The Cross=3). Godspeed You Vicar, You go straight as an arrow, our dear friend.

Ezra Buchla (vocals on "They will all Fail You"), Gianni Giublena Rosacroce (clarinet on "Let the Wrong rise with You"), Daniel Schleifer (tuba on "Let the Wrong rise with You") and Michael Jeffries (sax on "Let the Wrong rise with You") joined  Father Murphy on this journey.

This EP is released on vinyl by Aagoo Records and Boring Machines 

Father Murphy is proudly part of Madcap Collective.


This 2xCS edition costs 12 euro + shipping
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