martedì 6 dicembre 2011


It’s so satisfying to see a compilation like Borgata Boredom again. Here we have documentation of a legitimate “scene” that exists in actual geographic and community-based connections and not solely on Internet ones. Specifically, Borgata Boredomdocuments a small hub of D.I.Y. activity that has taken shape in the East of Rome over the past few years. Given Italy’s much publicized economic woes and the dire job prospects for its younger generation, it’s no surprise really that an assorted crew of creative types have taken control of their own destiny: establishing performance spaces, creating fanzines, shooting films, forging new collaborations, etc., etc. Although scene reports of this nature used to have a distinctive regional flavor (think Sub Pop, K Records, Dischord), Borgata Boredom is a much more all-over-the-map proposition that is no doubt reflective of the current international underground musical landscape as a whole, and it’s all the better for it. Put the needle to the record and what you’ll hear is some throbbing PiL via The Liars-styled post-punk (Trans Upper Egypt, Hiss), some synth-based jams (The Away Team), some John Carpenter worship (Thetlvmth), some catchy lo-fi pop (Mr. Marks and the Secretaries), some blown-out psych punk (Sfhhh), and some Phantom Payn-like zoners sung in Pig Latin(?) (Grip Casino). While this may all read like one big sonic clusterfuck, it actually all flows together quite nicely in fact. The curators included a few brief electronic/noise tracks that sort of help bridge some of these stylistic leaps and give the compilation a more “album-like” feel. It’s a wonderfully strange and rewarding listen.

by David Perron

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