sabato 25 giugno 2011

Summer Hit Single: MAXIMILLIAN I

Maximillian I°

Cassette tape C20
Plastic case with handnotched UpperClassSilverStickers

Limited to 35 copies

Released in August 2007


Side A :


Lowguitar, vocals : Trap Jaw
Basstard : Pee-No
Drums: Manuel C
Percussions,Manuel C : Bung the Jester

recorded at Actarusub studios (Rome) by Manuel Cascone
mixed by Maximillian I°

side B:

"Adjust Summer"

Drums,Invisible sampler: Bung The Jester
Lowguitar ,Bass , Vocals, Ocarina, Pee-No Simulator : Trap Jaw
Telepath: Pee-No

recorded at Tower Pinecone studios (Rome) by Maximillian I°
mixed by Maximillian I°

all songs by the autors and thanks to everybody
special thanks to Gingagaruga and Scarbox rec.

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